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My 1st Unboxing Video

When I first picked up the Sword of Shannara, it was a conscious move to do research. Having inducted myself into Tolkien and reading all the three main books, and subsequently the other supplementary works like The Silmarillion, The Unfinished Tales and the ones that his son, Christopher Tolkien has released, I was ready for more. I was ready for another hero who needed to undergo a journey in order to find himself and find other people who are equally on a journey of their own. I was ready for another story that would pull me in and never let me go. I was ready for characters that were equally flawed but compelling. Characters that lived a world far removed from our own and yet were metaphors for the conditions that we see ourselves in.

Terry Brooks has been writing his Shannara series for the longest time. Since 1977 to be specific. And in that time, his books have been sold everywhere. Apart from Professor Tolkien, his name is usually the one being dropped, mentioned and recommended when you wanted a high fantasy fix.

Fast forward to the present. Although I have yet to finish the entire Shannara series that spans generations and consisting of 40 books, which includes short stories, novellas and a graphic novel, it is still currently being wrapped up by Terry in a still yet-to-be-named last book, a four-book arc of a series that is collectively and tragically named, The Fall of Shannara.

What's inside the Box

When I chanced upon Terry's memoir book about writing and his own process called Sometimes the Magic Works: Lessons From A Writing Life, I knew that I was going to be schooled by a master of the craft and that readers like me would be given a rare glimpse into the life and behind the scenes craftsmanship of a genius at work. Had Tolkien written a book about his writing process, you can bet that I would be reading and collecting that too but regardless, any writer, or reader for that matter, would stand to benefit from Brook's insight into the writing life.

So when Grim Oaks Press announced that they were publishing a limited edition of Terry's memoir, I knew I had to get one. I already passed up on the limited hardcover run of The Elfstones of Shannara, which I feel is the best Terry Brooks book ever, I could not possibly ignore this any longer. The editions have long been sold out but you can follow Terry Books and Grim Oak Press on the following links, below. Terry Brooks Website - Terry Brooks Facebook Page - Grim Oak Press Website - If you are a big reader of High Fantasy, then Terry should be on your list. But if you have not read Terry Brooks, then it's time that you start. You will love it.

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