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The Books

Writing is like a journey for both the reader and the writer.  Let us take this journey together...

In Print:
(For Philippine Readers)

ISBN - 978-621-06-0650-8

A Prequel to the Tales from the Dark District series 

Sometimes being a fish out of water can be a good thing. Only two things can happen. Either one adapts to the environment or simply peters out from intractability. Enter David Lansing, a half-Filipino call center trainer whose normal life took an unexpected turn when he suddenly woke up and is presented with visions and a spirit guide to boot!

Why was he seeing things?

Who is the Guide and what did he want from him?


Peppered with appearances like the Tikbalang, Aswang, and even the White Lady of Balete Drive, all part of Philippine folklore and urban legend, the story traces David's existential journey of becoming; from his skepticism to a new sense of self and of the world that he lives in.

All operating with the promise that the prize he seeks is waiting just around the corner; a visit to a place where people like him are common and living the most normal of lives; a place that is known only to a few and yet is the most sought after; the magical community of the Dark District.

In E-Book:
In Print:
(For Philippine Readers)
Take Me Now

ISBN 13 - 978-621-06-0479-5

The First installment in the Dark District series.

Imagine a place where you can hide and no one will ever find you. 

Imagine a place where rules can be broken to serve your needs. 

Imagine your needs and darkest desires met and fantasies fulfilled. 

Fuse these conditions with a little magic and you have entered the Dark District. 

Alvin has been looking for love in all the wrong places and when he is finally brought to the District, he finds himself getting more than what he bargained for. But such things of and from the District are never what they seem. From nocturnal visits to sensual surprises during the day, Alvin may have just found the right condition in his search for love and sex, to take

In E-Book: 
Akean Tales
Vol. 1
New Stories. New Voices. One Fantasy World.

Ever been curious about the lives of the Citizens of Akea? 

In a world where everybody has a special ability, wouldn't it be fair to say that there are just so many more stories that have not been told?  

There’s a heat wielder living an ordinary life - or so she thought.
There’s a curious friendship between an Elder and a Rat.

And have you ever wondered who Lucia is?

Or what happened to Goes Pasap?

Or if Dogan Ronda ever found true love?

In this anthology, read about the tales of Akeans as told by Filipino fantasy authors, in this first collaboration set in the world created by Fantasy author, Jane Vergara.

In Print: (For Philippine Readers Only)

Coming Soon

Take My Hand

The Second installment in the Dark District series.

Trina Lee has always known what she wanted.

For the most part she has the perfect job of sowing the seeds of empathy and understanding by being a guidance counselor at the Forrester Arts College in the magically cloaked community known in Manila called, the Dark District.  She is beloved by
students and has a killer body to die for and to covet.

She had everything figured out until she met Robert Samaniego, the new English professor joining them this term.

With a new semester, a new batch of students to mentor, and a new distraction on campus, can Trina hold it all together?

Or perhaps the Universe heard her prayers and sent someone to finally give direction and focus to the life that she thought she was living perfectly.

Someone to hold and protect her.

Someone to share and accept her darkest Secret.

Someone to be there for her and Take…Her…Hand.

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