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Unboxing #4 - Another Box? Most probably Another Toy!

For those who know me at my day job, getting a box during my shift means another delivery. It could be another toy or book purchase. Or at times, food sent to me by friends from different places in the country. The nice thing about unboxing videos- even if you already know what's inside- is the excitement to finally see with your own eyes what you have purchased. Or in this case, to hold in your hands what you have decided to pay for in order to acquire and add to an already growing collection. This 4th Unboxing video is actually one that was done last year but as life would have it, took a back seat in sharing with all of you. And for those who have followed my videos, you know that I love getting toys, or more specifically, Funko Pops. So enjoy and do let me know if you share my love for Funkos. They are a representation of our fandom and one that is so accessible and can be brought to wherever you go. It both provides inspiration to us fellow creatives and a reminder of why we both make and consume content. Enjoy!

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