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Episode 1- Kate Evangelista

First Episode with International Y/A Author, Kate Evangelista as we talk about the writing process, Inspiration, Twilight, and Anime! Such a fun pilot episode!

Episode 2- Ted Villasor

Sophomore Episode with Komiket Nominee, Ted Villasor, where we talk about indie comics, his writing process and updates on his nominated LINDOL Comic series. 

Episode 3- Peejay Catacutan

Continued focus on local Indie Comic Book creators

This time with Peejay Catacutan and the creator of the BUSTER comic book series. His journey from being reader to content creator and further updates on his own comic series and how his fiancee is his best critic. 

Episode 4- Renato Tranquilino

We are back and this is the spliced version of the telecast with IT Guy and Author, Renato Tranquilino. He is also the host of his own podcast on Facebook and Youtube called, "WeAreGap Po". The internet just this Monday was so wonky that I was going in and out of the telecast.

The splicing may not be perfect but at least we took the gaps away. Enjoy.

Episode 5- Leonard Grape 

Another episode of #UrbanFantasyPH comes your way today with Leonard Grape who talks about his first collection of poetry, When The Autumn Star Shines.
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