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What's my "Safe Place"?

Updated: May 20, 2021

This was the first question I had in my mind when I was in the process of speeding up my current read in order to finish it just in time for the month's end. The book that I currently am enjoying is entitled, "A Vision of Fire", the first in a trilogy called The Earthend Saga written by actress, Gillian Anderson, whom we all know as the skeptical and beloved, Dana Scully from the X-Files. She wrote the book along with New York Times bestselling author, Jeff Rovin.

The book, which for me would be perfect as a limited series on any of the major streaming sites and would totally be within the category of an X-File, centers on a new case being tackled by psychologist, Caitlin O'Hara, and concerns Maanik, the daughter of India's ambassador to the UN, who is suddenly being assaulted by visions that she claims are real. When the visions Caitlin finds consist of the daughter speaking in tongues and putting out invisible flames, she immediately categorizes it as some form of post-traumatic stress. As the novel progresses, our heroine finds that they are all too real and that there is a "sinister force" responsible for it all.

Gillian at a book signing for A Vision of Fire

Maanik reveals that her safe place was underneath a pink and yellow tent and is on the back of an elephant of which she is currently swaying under at the beginning of the treatment. For the longest time now, I have always been intrigued about past-life regressions. The only thing that I have come close to experience in the past was a hypnotic suggestion by my guidance counselor back in high school, wherein he suggested that I approach a door in front of me and that I needed to open the door in order to face whatever was behind it.

What is waiting for us on the other side of reality?

I was told by my counselor after the session that I was quick to go under but felt stumped when the act of opening the door was suggested. It was like I just froze and would not do anything. In hindsight and on a deeper level, I knew what was behind it but at a young age, of course, we would always deny it and deem it rubbish or concocted. And if I choose to discuss that in my future blogs, I would most certainly expound on the experience.

And while he never suggested that I find a safe place, I find myself wondering what would my safe place be if I decided to go under. There were so many places to choose from. It could be the music room from my high school days at Xavier School where I would practice to my heart's content and discovered how to sing from the diaphragm. There was also my own room growing up, cluttered as it may have been but it was full of the things that I liked from cassette tapes to books and toys. Come to think of it, my car was also my safe place in the latter years as I would just belt out any song of my choosing as I drive to and from work. Because I also love books, my personal office and study is also another safe place that I feel most happy in. And if I were to choose now, the house I live in, together with my partner and our two dogs would be my current safe place. Naturally, yours would be different than mine and could range from the beach to the mall or a simple stroll in the park surrounded by nature and all its green gifts and other creatures similarly appreciating its beauty. The point of all of this being is to ask myself what is my safe place and if any of us ever took the time to define our safe place, one where we could express our true selves, without judgment or condemnation, without bias or fear. A utopia in our minds where anything and everything is possible and ever-evolving. Especially now in this age of Covid-19, our mental health is key and equally as important as our physical health.

Admittedly before Covid, people talked about mental health but only in hushed voices or in closed quarters. It was something that was deemed only to affect a select few. It was always US and THEM. But after experiencing the massive months of lockdown after lockdown and personal quarantine, mental health and well-being soon became something that affected everyone and something that most, if not all, were now willing and open to discuss and talk about. But until I decide what or where it is, perhaps it would be better to hold off that appealing notion of a past life regression. The mind is nothing to be taken lightly and the slightest error that a psychologist makes in hypnotic therapy may end up changing a subject for life. I wouldn't want to come out of a session suddenly forgetting who I am and the people who are in my life. But that's my fear talking. Certainly, one that that has been colored by other people's opinion about the whole process and their lack of knowledge into it. But what I know is that this is a process, if not, a tool, to know more about ourselves.

Reading books by Academy and Golden Globe-winning actress, activist and author, Shirley Mclaine books, with Out on a Limb being my favorite, have certainly given me a more esoteric insight into the whole thing about regression far beyond the psychological sessions in a four-cornered office with just you and your therapist walking you through their process.

In the meantime and while waiting for the signs that would prod and bring me closer to a decision, I can at least contend with regular meditation in the hopes that my mind becomes clearer and brings me closer to both realization and decision. Now, if in the process, it heightens my awareness and further opens my Third Eye. Then so be mote it be. When that happens, it will make this Witch very happy. May your Guides Bless and Keep You. Stay safe. Sanitize. Keep your distance. Blessed Be!

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