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Two Netflix shows get the Boot!

In this time when people who are stuck at home and have nothing to do or be but couch potatoes, NETFLIX has become everyone's best friend and companion. But if you're thinking of catching up on some shows that you have been eyeing before the lockdown, you need to know that there have been casualties.

The first show on the chopping block is the adaptation of the novel and graphic novel series of Jonathan Mayberry entitled, V-Wars. As the title suggests yes it involves an escalated confrontation involving Vampires! The book itself is a sweeping narrative about how Vampires have taken over the world following the discovery of a millennia-old bacteria discovered in Antarctica that activates a particular strand of human DNA considered to be "junk". Mankind evolves and it is up to the normal folk to duke it out military style with the infected.

The show adapted from the two source materials stars Vampire veteran, Ian Somerhalder of The Vampire Diaries, who plays Dr. Luther Swann, a doctor who works tirelessly with his best friend, Michael Fayne, played by Adrian Holmes, to find a cure for the ongoing virus and making sure that no human is affected and turned to become a vampire.

The series was just getting on its feet when Netflix pulled the plug after it's premiere on the streaming service last December 2019. Sorry Vampire fans.

The second show to be axed is also one that has a comic book series as it's inspiration and source material. Based on the comic series by Steve Niles and Damian Worm, the show is called October Faction and follows the life of a couple, Deloris and Fred Allen, who are monster hunters and part of a secret order called The Presidio.

But these are just 2 of the 3 "expensive" shows that Netflix had to produce and it is because of the special effects needed to make these shows are fantastical as possible, the streaming service decided to keep and renew "Locke and Key" for a second season instead.

Based on a series of graphic novels, and written by the son of Stephen King, better known as Joe Hill, the series begins with a family of children moving back to Lovecraft, Massachusets and inheriting a large house and to their discovery a set (or is it just one) of keys that open doors to different dimensions. The adaptation which for now has one season under its belt consists of 10 episodes and premiered on the streaming service in February 2020 and has been in limbo while waiting to be renewed.

And because the series itself has a larger following, Netflix decided to let go of V Wars and October Faction and keep and renew this new property that has managed to pique the imagination of new and old fans alike and needless to say, bring in the much-needed number of viewers it needed to stay in the Netflix catalog of ever-evolving and ever-growing of genre shows.

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