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Supergirl ends after the 6th season

Updated: May 18, 2021

And another CW show bites the dust.

After ARROW, the main tether of a series in the list of superhero shows that cater to the DC fans collectively known as the ARROWVERSE bid farewell, another one follows in its wake.

This time its Supergirl which will be coming back for a 6th and final season in 2021.

When it returns, the show will have a 20-episode final season which The CW says will begin production later this month. So far an official statement from Berlanti Productions has yet to be made. This same production company oversees not only the Arrowverse shows but a number of other DC projects, including DC Universe/HBO Max shows like Doom Patrol and Green Lantern. Supergirl star Melissa Benoist recently released a brief statement on her personal Instagram page.

While it is indeed heartbreaking to have another DC show go off the air, fans will be treated to another Kryptonian when Superman and Lois come in for the new season. The titular characters have been played in different crossover episodes by Teen Wolf alumnus,  donning the iconic costume and soaring through the skies of Metropolis and Grimm veteran, Betsie Tulloch as his significant other and star reporter for the Daily Planet.

And even though Kara Danvers' run on her own show may be over, fans of the show and of the ever-growing DC TV Universe and the DCEU, are hoping for a cameo at least from Melissa when his cousin's show takes centerstage and inspires everyone what it means to be super and human.

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