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To Dark or not to Dark...

You probably have seen other people get into the DARK mode on Facebook messenger either on their I-phones or Android phones and wonder what you have not done to deserve that on your Messenger. Well, we’re here to help you and just break it down on what to do, so that you can teach someone else.

STEPS to enable DARK MODE on Facebook Messenger:

(This is all after you have UPDATED your Messenger to the LATEST version of which 205.0 is for I-Phone users)

1. Log in to your personal account on Facebook and open your Messenger.

2. Launch the EMOJI keyboard on your phone.

3. In any of the chat rooms that you have open, look for the CRESCENT MOON EMOJI

4. SEND that CRESCENT MOON Emoji in that chat window.

5. Your screen should have lots of CRESCENT MOON filling your current chat screen.

6. Go to your personal profile on messenger and you should see a toggle button that looks like something like this…

7. Toggle back and forth between DARK and REGULAR mode as often as you want.

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