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Hello to the New iPad PRO

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

Prior to all the craziness of Covid-19, everyone has been impatient and wanting to have an iPhone 11 or an iPhone 11- Pro in their hands before the summer. And while the iPhone seems to be the only phone line that has been getting love and attention for Apple, all that has changed as the company has finally taken notice and unveiled a new incarnation of the iPad. Presenting the all-new iPad Pro!

While this new line seems to have fallen off the radar due to the lockdown and the coronavirus scare, let's give you an insight on what to expect from this new incarnation should you decide to get your hands on one once the lockdown is lifted.

Apparently this new version of the iPad is faster than most PC's in the market today and has a powerful chip that lets users multi-task (our favorite) apps at once.

Apart from that, it has a 4k camera for both pictures and videos that incorporates LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technology. What this does is determines distance by bouncing light. NASA is actually also using that same tech when it undertakes it's next mission to Mars! Another good thing is that Apple has improved the microphone and promises "studio quality" sound.

All this is well and good but here comes the most important question. And that is, how much will this new incarnation set you back?

The new Pro range begins at £769 in the UK which is about $958 in the US and about P48,000 for the 11-inch model with 128GB onboard storage. Now if you prefer the slightly bigger 12.9-inch model then you would have to be ready to spend £969 which is $1206 in the US and locally it's a whopping P61,000. Naturally, if you opt for higher capacity storage like 256GB, 512GB and 1TB and/or the WiFi + cellular version, then be prepared to fork out more money. 

Now if you are the person who cannot work from a tablet and must work from behind the keyboard then Apple has also revealed a new Magic Keyboard with backlit keys. It magnetically holds your tablet in place and honestly looks amazingly sleek. Yes, magic!

While the release was originally set on March 25, local availability would still depend on favorable conditions surrounding Covid 19 and the current nationwide lockdown.

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