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The Infinity Stones are Back!

Yes, everyone who has seen the MCU films is familiar with the Infinity stones and their subsequent fate.

But powerful objects like that are bound to return, whether they are retrieved from the depths of space or collectively decided by the publishing company that birthed it in the first place.

Yes, MARVEL comics is bringing back the infamous stones in a brand new series, which will also involve much of some high profile characters in their roster. The return of the Stones will see household names of the MCU like Iron Man and Captain America, be paired off with new heroes and villains like Star and Amulet.

The brand new series is called, Infinite Destinies and will begin with  Iron Man Annual #1, where we will see Tony Stark looking into the kidnapping of Miles Morales and discovers shocking truths about the Assessor and Quantum. The first comic, unless pushed back due to the coronavirus pandemic, will be released in June, followed by Captain America Annual #1, which sees Overtime gifted with powers he barely understands via the Time Stone, helps him break out of death row.

According to the editor, Nick Lowe, readers and writers have had a wave of interesting new characters come into the fold over the years and this new series will shine a light on eight (8) of them. He adds that the series hopes to flesh out these new heroes and villains, their different aspects as they interact with different archetypal Marvel heroes.

Apart from the planned annuals, there will be Thor and Black Cat editions to be released in July, Avengers and Miles Morales in August and the Guardians of the Galaxy and Amazing Spider-Man versions in September.

Each comic will also contain a chapter called 'Super-Spy vs Super-Spy', focusing on Nick Fury as the Agent of Nothing and Phil Coulson as the Agent of Mephisto, brothers in arms that will reunite and face off for the first time since Coulson's death. So now that we know when the Stones are coming back, we can only hope that Thanos won't get wind of this, or else...

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