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Shoot webs like Spider-Man in the new Disneyland Ride

We've all done that. Dreamt about it and re-enacted some scenes from the Tobey Maguire films and perhaps even from the Nicholas Hammond TV series, that is if you're old enough to have watched them on TV or just online. But you gotta admit that shooting webs like everyone's favorite wall-crawler with just a flick of the wrist is a novelty that will not wear off anytime soon. In fact, technology may just be the key to letting that happen and Disney is the company that will do it.

How? All of this will be made possible in the upcoming Spider-Man ride, which will try and give riders that sensation courtesy of new technology.

The premise of the ride is that Peter Parker, aka. Spider-Man gets into trouble when his Spider-bots are released all over the Avengers campus. Visitors will get into the ride and sling webs alongside Spider-Man in order to defeat and keep the bots in check and under control. Now, how will riders do this? Disney is calling it "immersive technology." While admittedly the term sounds cool and all-inclusive, the particulars on how they are going to carry this out definitely leaves a lot more questions on the table than answers. Are they going to equip each and every passenger with a personal web shooter? Or mount shooters on the ride so that riders can fire at digital targets? If not any of these two possibilities, then will the riders be able to just physically flick their wrists (we are assuming with wrist sensors) and have the webs digitally shoot from the screen in front of them? In addition, is the technology accurate and "immersive" enough to detect every flicked wrist while the ride is in progress? Naturally, this will not be a ride that is benign and slow like, "It's A Small World". If the Spider-Man ride over at rival Universal Studios is anything to go by, we know that Spider-Man adventure rides are anything but tepid and tame.

But whatever answers we'll get, rest assured that it will be a fun ride and the closest thing all of us can be in becoming an Avenger. This yet untitled Spider-Man ride is set to open at the Disney California Adventure in 2020 and in Disneyland Paris sometime in 2021.

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