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Samsung reveals the New Galaxy Tab

The good thing about staying home these days is not only do you get the quality sleep and quality time you need at home with family, but you also have the luxury of checking out new deals and new gadgets coming out soon.

Last month we told you that Apple was releasing the New iPad-Pro.

This time it's Samsung's turn to reveal their latest offering in the form of a new tablet series called the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite.

From the onset, this latest offering of a tablet appears to be slimmer but not compromising on style and not mention on price as it is more affordable than its previous incarnations. Apart from these, it still holds a lot of power and not to mention features that will keep you occupied and entertained during this time when we need as much diversion and variety as we can in order to deal with social distancing, not to mention, isolation.

The Galaxy Tab S6 Lite has the same,  display of 10.4" as previous versions, but in a much lighter casing. Naturally, this is ideal if you're planning on spending a lot of time gaming or binging through your favorite streaming service. Yeah, we can already guess which one.

Now, you also have two colors to choose from, Oxford Grey and Angora Blue. But if those two colors somehow do not merit your approval then perhaps the features will win you over.

There's an 8-MegaPixel rear camera and a 5-MegaPixel front-facing selfie camera and along with that a battery capacity of 7,040 mAh. Technically this should easily last more than a day on a single charge.

It also has a special S Pen so you can scribble, draw or tap on the screen.

The Tab S6 Lite also boasts a powerful processor chip (a Quad 2.3GHz and a Quad 1.7HZ chipset) to make all your apps load the way that you want, that is, smooth, fast and no hiccups. This bodes well for us who love to multi-task and at the same giving into our creative habits. So in short, it should also be more than capable to cope with HD streaming.

Prices for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite start at about $439 (US) or £349 (UK) and P22,000 locally for the 64GB WiFi-only version.  The LTE version is $496 (US) or £399 (UK) and roughly about P25,000 here, should you have more money to burn.

The new tablet is available to pre-order as of today, in time for its general release in the UK on April 30 and May 4 in the US. But given the circumstances surrounding the current pandemic, we won't be surprised if the release dates would be changed down the line.

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