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Robin finally gets his STAR!

Just after two years following the death of TV’s original Batman, Adam West, the fans of the Dark Knight are still sad from the loss of an icon and have mixed feelings about the new incarnation of Batman in the personage of Robert Pattinson.

But while the world waits for its first glimpse of the Twilight star donning the famous cape and cowl, Batman fans have much to look forward to, as the other half of the dynamic duo is finally getting his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Yes, Burt Ward, the Robin is finally getting his own.

Adam West himself received his own star years ago and so this overdue honor for the other half of the duo comes at a time when the future of the franchise is being pulled in different directions.

The exact spot where Burt Ward’s star will be placed is still uncertain.

Naturally, if we had any say in it, it would be apt and perfect to have his star next to Adam’s.

Batman creator, Bob Kane, also has his own star and it would definitely be fitting to have all three of them there.

Although the exact date of the ceremony has also yet to be decided, he will get in 2020. I’m sure Batfans are just as eager as industry movers are in honoring this legacy that Burt Ward has left behind.

Who knows, they may just flash the Bat signal on that day.

I’ll keep you posted!

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