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Pokemon Pokedex Smartphone Case

Attention Pokemon hunters! This is one case that you should be hunting! Premium Bandai has recently announced that it will be releasing an official Pokemon Pokedex Smartphone case.

The case itself is designed to resemble and look like the actual Pokedox from the original Pokemon games. This casing will be able to hold your iPhones 6, 7 and 8 as well as your iPhone X. But it will not be compatible with iPhone 11. The only drawback I'm seeing with this, in particular for the iPhones 6 to 8 is that the microphone and flashlight will be hidden by other parts of the case.

But this is something to look forward to in the coming year as the Pokedex case will be launched in March 2020! However if you can't wait, you can Pre-order from Nintendo Soup Store. Just click HERE.

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