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More Paranormal Activity...time for #7

Whether you believe in the paranormal or not it doesn't matter because the franchise is alive and is still able to churn in money at the box office. That in itself is a story that Paramount studios seems to not want to give up. So much so that they are planning for another one!

Yes, the supposed 6th and "Final" movie in the series dubbed as the "Last Chapter" seems to not have lived up to it's title and another film to perhaps fully close the lid on movie franchise, that seems to have outlived it's welcome, is due to hit the big screen once more.

The announcement of the seventh installment was made at CineEurope, with studio Chairman and CEO Jim Gianopulos. 

"We are partnering with uber horror producer Jason Blum to bring a new installment of Paranormal Activity," Gianopulos told the audience. The film is currently in development, but does not yet have a confirmed title or release date.

Paranormal Activity 7 will technically be the eighth entry in the franchise, the spin-off, The Marked Ones is not counted as one of the core films.

While the prospect of this installment of the series flying in the box office remains to be seen, the fact that Paramount is partnering with Blumhouse Productions, responsible for the recent Halloween sequel (2018) and the three Academy-award nominated films for Best Picture (Whiplash, Get Out, BlackKklansman), it's safe to say that producers are open to more non-linear storytelling in the hopes that audiences will get their money's worth.

For what's a horror film, without a suspension of disbelief and a reflection of the possibility that what you see on screen may just happen to you.

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