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More Haunting over at Hill House

Whether you love Horror, detest it, or more of a Hulu and Amazon Prime viewer than Netflix, you probably have heard how this horror series captivated audiences last year and how it managed to scare a lot of viewers just in time for Halloween 2018. If in case marathoning the series again (you know you love to) over at Netflix wasn't enough, director Mike Flanagan has confirmed that more haunting is coming by way of an extended version of the series! But wait, it's not going to be on Netflix! This will make collectors happy indeed as the full extended version of the series will only be made available on Blu-Ray!!! (YES!)

But alas the darker ending of the show, that some of you may have heard about will not be included as it was only something that they considered and not actually filmed.

(Potential Spoiler - If you haven't seen the show, best to watch the series and come back) The darker ending we speak of is the last shot of the door of Red Room while the narration at the end is being delivered. This tells you that all of the characters didn't make it and thus were left in the core of the house. But director, Mike Flanagan slept on it and felt that it was too cruel and that it was a disservice to the characters that he had come to love and have empathy for. So the alternate ending was abandoned altogether and the "right" ending was thus filmed. No, I won't be telling you the final outcome. You would have to brave it out and watch the show in its entirety.

Based on the 1959 novel of the same name by Shirley Jackson, the show is an anthology that tells about the different lives of members of the Crane family and how their "ordeal" during their childhood while living at the house shaped and changed them as individuals and as members of a beleaguered family.

The Cast of The Haunting of Hill House

Currently there is already a second season in the works with some of the actors playing roles for a brand new haunting. The next instalment is being called The Haunting of Bly Manor and is expected to air in 2020!

While there is no official release date for the Blu-Ray as of now, you know it's coming.

We so can't wait!

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