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John Wicks's REAL Movie Title

It's all part of the creative process when a character gets re-written, a scene is altered or when more backstory is incorporated into the script in order to highlight a character. A movie title is no different.

Certainly, there are many movies in the past that have gone this route but none more off-tangent to the process than Keannu Reeve's hit film series, John Wick.

To date, it is definitely difficult to imagine the film franchise going by any other name. Fans and moviegoers actually have Kaennu to "thank" for this. Why? The franchise's co-creator and screenwriter Derek Kolstad recently revealed that it was originally set to be called Scorn but Keanu Reeves kept getting the name wrong, so the studio decided to keep it.

"The only reason it's called John Wick is that Keanu kept referring to it as John Wick,"

The franchise creator also revealed that he still does not know the title of the upcoming Chapter 4 of the ongoing franchise and added that the decision to name will probably rest on the director, Chad Stahelski as it was he who came up with the Chapter 3 title, Parabellum.

Previously, Kolstad also admitted that the directors Stahelski and David Leitch had to argue and fight the studio in order to retain the scene where Wick's dog was killed in the first film. He said that without the connection of the dog to John and minus the "underlying soul and heartbeat of that character, not to mention the levity it brings the character and the levity it brings to the humor", it was a key component that the film needed.

Fans agree and while bittersweet, it was the catalyst for John. In the meantime, fans of the franchise can continue to watch and re-watch all 3 films on home video or at least the first 2 films on Netflix while in quarantine and while waiting for the next film in this successful franchise that has Keanu enjoying a renaissance of sorts. Apart from John Wick 4, we also can't wait to see him in the Matrix once more as Part 4 has been confirmed with both Keanu and Carrie Ann-Moss returning.

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