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Halsey loves TURON!

Ask any Filipino and Turon will certainly be part of their list as their favorite thing to eat during merienda time. For sure, others may answer Bibingka, Champorado, or just basically sliced bread, and whatever favorite spread you can get your hands on.

Most especially now in the time of the Great Lockdown, people would either deprive themselves of their favorite food for merienda, or maybe make an attempt to cook it while being at home.

Recently singer-songwriter Ashley Nicolette Frangipane, or better known as Halsey was asked on Twitter by a Filipino user, @3amonwards, if she ever cooked any kind of Filipino food while she is currently in quarantine.

And her answer just warmed our Filipino hearts.

While Turon in English is basically, fried Banana wrap, people will have different ways to put a spin on a Filipino favorite. Whether it's with Langka (Jackfruit) or without it or perhaps with a dash of Ube Halaya (Boiled and Mashed Purple Yam) to sweeten it further, Halsey has just become our new favorite.

Now, while you're cooking Turon at the moment or enjoying one, sit back and listen to Halsey's latest single. While the song claims you should be sad, we say that you should take the time to learn some Filipino cooking now during the quarantine and eventually after.

As man may not live on bread alone, he can sure have Turon once in a while to break the routine!

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