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Goodbye Krypton...

Another show bites the dust.

At one point in Hollywood, actors felt that real and honest work seems to be on TV. These days, the trend is changing or rather has already changed and seems to have started a chain-reaction of sorts, an era so to speak, and that is the era of show cancellations.

Certainly cancellations have always been the norm for network TV and cable TV. But it doesn't make it any less aggravating and frustrating for fans who have followed a particular show for a while. The latest casualty of these wave of show cancellations is Krypton, the Superman prequel show that aired over the SyFy network and just recently finished its second season. Sources claim that the main reason for the cancellation is the steep decline in viewership. When the show first aired and was hoping to attract viewers in its maiden season, the average number of viewers, while also taking into account DVR and 3-day viewings, totalled to 1.8 million viewers. Fast forward to the present to which the show is only averaging 400,000 viewers.

Emmet J. Scanlan as LOBO

While the second season ramped up the events that transpired involving Braniac and his time travelling attempt to eradicate the House of El, before Superman's father was born, it also introduced viewers to the first TV appearance of the Czarnian Bounty Hunter and fan-favorite named Lobo.

DC Fans lighted up the internet with his appearance and got wind that he would be having his own spin-off show. Of course all was well, until this cancellation also affected Lobo's fate. This means he ain't getting his own show either.

Cameron Cuffe, the actor playing the lead role of Seg-El, Superman's grandfather tweeted that no matter the outcome, he is and will always be proud to be a "Son Of Krypton".

But as how all things go, there are already reports that Warner Bros has started shopping around for Krypton and Lobo. Our hunches are would be akin to what Netflix recently has done with some cancelled shows like Lucifer and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, that is to take on a show that has a strong fan base in the hopes of migrating viewership to their own platform. Best bets apart from the streaming giant can be the DC Universe streaming service itself or maybe even HBOMax, Hulu or Amazon Prime. The potential is endless. All it takes is a little faith and of course the pockets willing to shell out for a show that is not only recognizable for its fan base but also for the its legacy. In a perfect world, that alone should be enough. But in our world, things don't work the way we want at times. So, it looks like Rao has got his work all cut for him for this. Let us all pray!

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