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Gary Barlow's New album

Yes, it's confirmed!

After weeks of speculation and following his cryptic posts on his Instagram account, Take That frontman, Gary Barlow has confirmed that he has a new album in the works. He said that the new album is a first for him in his career, for he will be recording it with an orchestra! And he is stoked.

Frankly, so am I!

Gary Barlow being a Coach/Judge on X-Factor

The album, while untitled yet, is expected for a 2020 release during the Fall. This would make it around September or October of next year. While fellow British singer-songwriter, George Michael, has attempted something similar with his album, Symphonica, that featured live performances and some originals plus covers you'll be happy to know that Barlow's new album will be all originals with contemporary orchestral arrangements.

Gary has just come from a trip to Indonesia and is ready to work on this new project with a clear head and a clear vision of what he wants to achieve. In total Gary has 4 solo albums to his credit, Open Road (1997), Twelve Months, Eleven Days (1999), Sing (2012), and Since Saw You Last (2013).

He adds that it's been a long time since he's had to think about what's next for him. He adds that it's been nice to have the time and the quiet to work it out. Ultimately he is just following what his heart is telling him.

And for artists and creative people, that really is the compass that guides them in their creative journey. And as fans, that's all we can really ask, that they always give us their creative best.

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