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Chicken and Donuts from KFC

The combination of salty and sweet has always been a good rollercoaster ride for our palate.

I personally love putting chips on top of my ice cream and there's also the heavenly treat of an ice cream flavor that is salted caramel. So why not extend this winning combo to fast food, right? Namely, chicken! Well, KFC in the US has recently launched their own foray into this combination with their fried chicken and glazed doughnuts!

For customers who are trying this out, they have two options. The first one consists of a chicken and doughnut basket meal for $5.49. Locally this would cost you about P 286.38. This includes chicken tenders or bone-chicken plus a doughnut. The second option is the chicken sandwich for $5.99, which consists of a fried chicken patty between two doughnut buns and would roughly be around P 312.48. This for me is indeed the more tasty option.

Now just in case you just want the doughnut? Well, you can add one to any of those two options and it will only cost you a dollar, in short about P52.

This move is definitely capitalizing on the chicken sandwich craze that has been going around in the US. Locally, chicken sandwiches are equally popular here. Most especially for the ones who prefer a smaller meal and one that would be not too heavy on the tummy. Sadly these options will only be for a limited time and are only available for now in Norfolk, Richmond Virginia and Pittsburgh. Oddly they are not available in Kentucky. But who knows if it does well, inspite of its limited time in the US, KFC might decide to bring it over to Asia and test the market and hopefully right smack onto our shores. I'd be willing to try this out. And I suppose you would too.

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