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Being indecisive has 5 "Benefits"?

Updated: Apr 28, 2019

Contrary to what most people think, being indecisive is not that bad. Well, not totally and yes, it depends on the situation as certain instances require an immediate decision to be made and reached. But if you're not in a rush and no one is breathing down your neck then taking a few minutes to decide might do you some good.

But why do we become indecisive at times? At the core is the desire to do good; the desire to make the right choice, so as as not to disrupt the flow of events. Now if you are the kind of person who is able to make use of your indecision because you are able to see different sides of a situation, then you are indeed lucky.

And yet the stigma of being indecisive has always been there with most not caring or even aware that there are actually benefits to being an indecisive person. Let's list them down:

1. SYMPATHY - Being indecisive allows you to look at the different angles of a situation. In this sense, it allows you to develop a sense of empathy for the people involved. This also holds true for the people whose views you do not share. Making an attempt to hold off whatever decision to make regarding them, will give you the chance to explore their own stance and thus develop your sense of sympathy for their plight and why they reacted the way that they do. And so that you in turn, can act accordingly. 2. CURIOSITY - While it is a given that as individuals we all must make a stand, to stand firm on what we believe, there are instances when you are not decided on when to disclose your side. That opportunity right there gives you the chance to look over the other side and see where they are coming from. In doing so, you afford yourself some curiosity in the matter. And while it may present to others that you are very impressionable and easily swayed, your ability and willingness to truly consider another perspective of course doesn’t exclude the ability to altogether refute their side and stick to your own.

3. SELF-KNOWLEDGE - So many of us at times look to groups that we belong to for help and more often than not validation for the things we like to do and for who we are. We conform or follow the way that is expected of us based on our society. But holding off at times whether to join a group or not, also gives us a chance to further explore what it is that we really like and what form of stimuli do we look for in order to inspire us into action. As it is, no two stimuli are the the same and thus no two people will react the same too, to a similar stimuli.

4. ENJOYMENT - Being indecisive doesn't mean that it's only for major life issues and crossroads, it also affects and colors how we view things on an everyday basis. Let's say you are with friends and are all trying to decide on what to do. Either go have dinner or watch a movie. Not being able to decide just makes it easier for you to just settle for whatever comes your way and thus frees you from the pressure of having to fix on that decision and simply be content on what the group agrees on. While there is a saying in Tagalog that goes like, "Mababaw ang Kaligayahan ko", which when translated means that "it doesn't take much to make me happy", then you will easily and more often than not have a sunnier disposition than the rest of the rigid lot.

5. SELF-ANALYSIS - Being brought up Catholic, we have always been taught to "examine our conscience". Time and time again the benefits of doing so have been impressed upon us and how important it is to take a step back and review what we have done, what we are thinking of doing and what we have failed to do. Doing this, you allow yourself to conduct your life within a regular framework of self examination and analysis. Doing so you become more comfortable with yourself, your life choices, not to mention, life views. "Man Know Thyself"

We've heard that line used and uttered countless of times. Socrates said it and it has become a universal truth. To know yourself is to gain mastery over oneself. Mastery over your choices, insight on your preferences, control over your wants and clarity on your desires. And with all that is said and done, remember that once you master yourself, then you master your world.

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