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Babyface and Family recovered from Covid-19

To say that this pandemic has decimated everyone is an understatement.

From business to celebrities like Tom Hanks, Idris Elba, Author JK Rowling, and others, it has affected the entertainment industry in ways unimaginable, crippling businesses and throwing a monkey wrench in the cog of things. But it is also nice to know and see that others are not just fighting it but also are recovering from it.

The latest celebrity to disclose his battle and recovery from the deadly virus is Grammy-award winning singer and songwriter, Kenneth Edmonds, or better known as Babyface.

It was his Birthday most recently and not only did he celebrate another year in his ever productive and creative life but also his family's recovery after having tested positive.

"I feel so blessed to be able to celebrate another birthday. I tested positive for Covid19, as did my family. It's an incredibly scary thing to go through my friends. I'm happy to report we have now tested negative and are on our way back to full health."

The singer also announced that he would be performing with fellow legendary producer Teddy Riley on Instagram Live April 18 at 9 p.m. Eastern Stand Time which is about 9 am of the 19th, local time in Manila.

His most recent Grammy win was in 2015 when he collaborated with another Grammy winner, Toni Braxton for the album, Love, Marriage, and Divorce.

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