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Aquaman Spin-off, anyone? Why, Yes!

If there was anything that audiences took away from watching the DC live-action adaptation of Aquaman last year, is that James Wan is not just a horror movie director. He is a director, who just happens to make more horror movies than the rest of the ones out there.

For starters, he does have the horror cred to back him up.

He was responsible for some of the cinematic hits we have seen so far like SAW (2004), INSIDIOUS (2010), The CONJURING (2013), AQUAMAN (2018), with 3 previous films having become franchises of their own and spawning sequels thereafter.

While fans and critics were unsure what Wan's directorial aesthetic could bring to Arthur Curry and his world of Atlantis, everyone's fear of the character being handled wrongly was allayed when the movie opened and the fans responded by helping the film reach the $1 Billion mark. Indeed the film touched upon themes of Heroism, Courage, Responsibility and Honor, it also gave us a glimpse of a new horror beneath the seas that James is thinking of bringing to the screen.

Creatures of The Trench

Enter...The Trench.

In the DC comics, the Trench is both the name of a kingdom and its inhabitants that first appeared back in 2011 in Aquaman Vol. 7 #1. The characters were created by DC superstar writer, Geoff Johns and was all part of the DC comic event called, The New-52.  In the film, these creatures were one of the known tribes in Atlantis that existed alongside the Atlanteans, the tribe of Xebel, the Fisherman tribe, the Brine, the Forgotten and the Deserted.

In an recent interview, James Wan said that it was too early to disclose anything about the film as they are still in the conceptualization stage, but has hinted that the spin-off will certainly lean towards being more of a monster horror movie instead of a superhero one. But in spite of that, it will still be part of the Aquaman universe, or in this case, waterverse.

The aquatic-horror spin off is just one of the many projects that the director has on his plate. He is still set to bring back the Warrens in all new installment of the Conjuring series, producing the New Line Cinema reboot of Mortal Kombat, and help helm and hopefully direct as well the sequel to Aquaman.

While productivity certainly is key, it's not secret that James Wan has found out and is not holding back as he brandishes it.

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