top of page have been and are loved.

How time flies. It was exactly this same time two years ago...

Can't believe you left us too soon, #GeorgeMichael.

You were one of my earliest musical heroes and will continue to be one.

We miss you.

Go find the #Freedom that you deserve and although 2016 was your #LastChristmas, your songs will forever be with us, never a #CarelessWhisper uttered in the night while most of us are #PrayingForTime. You have touched many for #YouHaveBeenLoved.

Your music may have been #TooFunky for some but just right for those in search of the real thing or even just #Fastlove. You've paved the way for a lot of artists so much so that the road for aspiring singers have become an #EasierAffair. And while you spoke to those who were on the #Outside looking in, you brought us into your world as you were #SpinningTheWheel and proved to us how music was therapy and yours, George was simply #Flawless and #Amazing!

We will forever keep the #Faith.

You are our mentor, brother, #FatherFigure, inspiration and more. Keep making good music from the ethers and we will keep on playing, #As we all live our lives from #ADifferentCorner and hope for the best in everything. 

RIP George Michael!

Now you have Everything You Want!

You are remembered and Loved!


Here he is during the MTV Unplugged session back in 1996. He made me fall in love with the original by Bonnie Rait. But between us, I think George did a better job and his version is the definitive one.

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