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LINDOL - Issue #1

“Tough times don’t Define you. They Refine You”

How many times have we heard that?

Either we tell people that or probably have been the recipient of such a reminder. And while it does speak the truth, nothing holds better to the truth than actual application. And for the current crisis of the pandemic called Covid-19 that the world is currently facing, now is the most appropriate time to see how it applies to each and every one of us.

Let’s turn the clock back to 2017 when the first of this new series called, Lindol was released. The brainchild of doctor and also comic book writer, Tedi Villasor, and artist Randy Valiente, Lindol is a Dystopian tale about the struggle to move forward while still clinging to our own set ways.

Set in post-apocalyptic Manila after a devastating earthquake called the Big One, it is insightful and as well as telling of how the modern Filipino will fare when disaster strikes.

At the heart of the story are Grey and Whiley who are seen in the destroyed city of Makati and making their way around. Grey, never wanting to leave a stone unturned suggests that they scout and check out the last remaining building in the area before going home. Clearly, the more level-headed of the two, Whiley airs his misgivings about the keeled-over building but because their buddies, he relents and acquiesces.

They make their way to the building and it is where Grey stumbles upon an awesome find. Of course, in this day and age and like in the story, nothing could be more awesome than the basic essentials, such as food, water, medicine, batteries, tools and the like. At this point, Grey makes the choice of prioritizing the rare-comic books that he finds, defending and saying that those will fetch a hefty sum. Naturally, Whiley reminds him that those are worth nothing anymore. But like anyone blinded by a far-fetched possibility that may become a reality in due time, Grey refuses to listen and that proves to be his undoing.

With Tim and Tedi Villasor

I shall refrain from saying any more about the story but to let you know that they are later joined by two individuals, Dash and Cam. The story ends, as most continuing storylines in comics do, will a cliffhanger teasing readers with a question unanswered.

All in all it is a good set-up for future issues as we are left to wonder about the history of these characters and how they will relate and get along with one another moving forward.

Tedi and Randy Valiente at Komikon Grande 2018

Fans of The Walking Dead comic books by Robert Kirkman, of which the ongoing and successful AMC TV series is based on, will enjoy the simple but effective work of artist, Randy Valiente. His drawing gives and tells us what we need to know about the world that they have created, and that is it clearly black and white but with a shade of grey in the middle. Pretty much like life, there are no clear cut ways to go about things and how you walk the middle path, will determine how successful you will be in yielding the result that you hope to achieve. Geek readers, like me, will also be caught smiling at the referenced line used by Grey in the middle of the comic, “You got me. But who’s got you?” If in case, you forgot where the line was from, call me. Or ask the creators who will surely give you more insight into its usage.

With creator, Tedi Villasor, at the launch of Lindol #3.

The world does not simply operate in black and white, there are the greys and within that same area, different shades of the color reside.

How many of us during this time of the pandemic have risen to the occasion of setting our priorities right? How many of us got derailed into thinking that the things that we haphazardly snatched from supermarket shelves are actually what we want the most and not the ones that we truly need. And how many of us allowed fear to creep into our system to a point that we start doubting what we really need and should get more of?

A tale for our times indeed.

Same as in life and the same as in this world that Ted and Randy have created. Let art imitate life. Let Life imitate, reflect and even inspire art. And if that second condition is what you have been doing since the lockdown, you are certainly better off than most and likewise would be in the best position to influence and to bring back sense to people who need it the most.

Whatever the calamity will be, whether it be it an earthquake, flash flood, power outage, how will you respond? If you don’t know, then perhaps reading this first issue will give you the insight or at the least remind us all how it is to operate in times uncertain as we navigate the grey world that is called humanity.

So, what to do next? Well, Issue #2 of course.

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