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Learning from Nate Berkus

Nate's debut Book

One word. Oprah.

Either you love her or you don't. Either you listen to her or you tune out. But at the very least & with regards to her guests on the show, you should listen to them.

Chicago's own, Nate Berkus is one such person.

Unlike my other fave, design doctor, Thom Filicia from Queer Eye and the Straight Guy & his own show, Dress My Nest, which at one point we had showing here on local television, Nate's sense of design & style is self taught. He was thrust into the spotlight in 2002 when he guested on Oprah & since then has been giving home styling tips. He currently has his own show on Oprah's O.W.N network.

This book which I got & also gave as a birthday gift for a friend will most certainly give you tips on how to make your home a better one. The coffee table book has lot of great pictures which I know you will love & the arrangement of the furnitures and the sense of aesthetics that one can have in one room is something readers and homeowners like us wouldn't mind incorporating into our own houses. From determining each room and what you need it for to little items such as book ends, souvenir items from your travels to personalize your space, Nate's own rules for making your space should be heeded. And with my own house project still ongoing, as I don't think there will ever be a time we don't try to make our houses look and feel better, I know I am guided with these 2 Masters, Nate & Thom to keep me inspired & happy.

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