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Jason Momoa at MOA

The life on a franchise is only as long and as vast as its fandom. It’s a scary thought when things go south, but it’s a rewarding venture when it is accepted and loved by many.

Such is the case last December 11 with hundreds of fans flocking to the Music Hall in Mall of Asia to see Aquaman and Mera in person, that is Jason Momoa and Amber Heard, alongside the brilliant director of the film itself, James Wan.

Together with Ace, our social media assistant and student DJ, we got there at around 3pm as the event was slated to begin at 4pm. Needless to say the crowds have already started to flock in and a wave of anticipation can certainly be felt. From fans, to Geeks and those who knew nothing about the said event, people sensed that something special was building up and ready to be witnessed in a matter of hours.

Those hours were put to good use with our own personal photo ops with some posters and fellow Justice PH geeks who went out of their way to embody the characters that most of us have or will see in the film. And with a real live Superhero star and fan favorite coming to our shores, it was only apt that everyone gave their best. Admittedly the waiting has been testy but we all knew that it was worth the wait.

Nio Infante as Orm; Din Ampil as Mera, Ryan de Vera as Arthur Curry and Gerard Sison as King Atlan

In events like these as we were to find out for ourselves, it’s best to secure your place in the fan area and just claim it by standing there and not moving away from it. Should you feel the need to hydrate or use the latrine, then have your companion or whoever you befriend along the line of onlookers and eager souls, to reserve your space for you.

We were also told that selfie sticks and DSLR cameras were not allowed and so we had to make do with our Facebook LIVE posts and whatever footage we can via our trusty cellphones. While letting this restriction sink in, there was also a repeated announcement that by 6:30 the place would be “locked down” and that no one would be allowed to come in or get out. That was the challenge right there. So if ever you yourselves encounter a similar circumstance, hydrate and relieve yourself as much because when you’re locked in, you really are.

The fan event was hosted by Guino Quillamor of RX 93.1 and former VJ Joey Mead. They riled up the crowd well in anticipation of Jason and Amber and James Wan’s arrival. And when they finally did at around 7pm, the screams and the shouts of joy and disbelief from everyone at the venue was a deafening crescendo.

Their arrival was shown on the screen facing the audience and prompted more screams and geeky outpourings just before they hit the stage. But in true red carpet fashion, the stars braved the humidity, and worked the crowd. From selfies, to photo ops and even more selfies with adoring fans, it was a total immersion into the sea (pun intended) of people, and by that display it was clearly evident that Jason, Amber and James were having a great time. From time to time, a hovering drone would project images of the crown onto the big screen, much to the delight of those who came late and were refused entry.

It was the best day to be a DC fan. And it was also an awesome day to be a Geek. It’s not every day every fan boy’s dream came true. Not every day you get to meet your hero up front and tell him how much you appreciate his work, how much they impacted your life and receive the same kind of gratitude and validation by the same hero when they take the stage to thank you for your support, dedication and love for the fandom.

Jason Momoa addressing the audience

Cinematically wise, DC has so much catching up to do with Marvel. And while they really should, DC shows on TV are better than the cinematic output that they were hoping to be at par, with their competitor. But if there is anything that DC does best, is that it has shown its heart, in spite of all surrounding circumstances.

It has shown TV audiences, comic book readers, toy collectors or even casual and new readers, that it beats to the drum beat of its heart and to millions of fans that it has touched for the past 85 years. It has done that thus far and will continue to do so in the next 85 and the next and the next.

Jason with his Trident and his Queen Mera and Director, James Wan

Am I a DC fanboy? You betcha!

There’s never been a better time to be a DC fan or at least try to swim in its pool that has always been so accommodating and accepting.

Who knows, once you take a dip, you may want to come back, or perhaps even stay.

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