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Cafe Adriatico in Malate
Prequel to the Dark District series

Sometimes being a fish out of water can be a good thing. Only two things can happen. Either one adapts to the environment or simply peters out from intractability. Enter David Lansing, a half-Filipino call center trainer whose normal life took an unexpected turn when he suddenly woke up and is presented with visions and a spirit guide to boot! Why was he seeing things? Who is the Guide and what did he want from him?

Peppered with appearances like the Tikbalang, Aswang and even the White Lady of Balete Drive, all part of Philippine folklore and urban legend, the story traces David's existential journey of becoming; from his skepticism, to a new sense of self and of the world that he lives in. All operating with the promise that the prize he seeks is waiting just around the corner; a visit to a place where people like him are common and living the most normal of lives; a place that is known only to a few and yet is the most sought after; the magical community of the Dark District.


I could sum up this book as sort of a lovechild of Anne Rice and Simon R. Green. This book belongs somewhere in between.
Emmanuel Dato, Anne Rice Philippines


5 of 5 Stars....All the ingredients were there to win me over and the writing is pretty sound.

H. Bentham, Author of Beyond Light and Darkness and Start Here

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