C.J. never thought he'd be an author someday but he always loved the feel and the comfort of having a book in his hands. Whether it be hardbound or paperback as well as his e-reader, he never leaves home without one. 


By day, he is a voice actor. By night he is a DJ at Mellow 94.7, and along with his show partner, Indi, handles the evening program called Mellow Nights. In between that, he tries to squeeze in his writing and reading as much as he can, on top of singing and hosting gigs over the weekend as well as cosplay conventions.


Geek at heart. A Green Lantern, Sith, PotterHead, and Dwarf living in Middle earth while being a Watcher and Witch in Sunnydale. He believes himself to be one of the long lost Halliwell siblings who aspires to open his 3rd Eye more in order to serve the Vishanti better and be a worthy apprentice to the Sorcerer Supreme, Dr. Stephen Strange. 


He is also the founder of his own reader's group, Anne Rice Philippines and a member of Justice PH, a DC cosplaying group in Manila, as well Philippine Tolkien Society and the Philippine Lightsaber Guild. 


C.J feels that his love for these different fandoms fuels his creativity and imagination and hopes that in turn, it fuels yours.


He is the author of Take Me Now, the first of 3 novellas from the Tales from the Dark District series, now available on Kindle.


His upcoming release called Sojourn, which was part of the Darkest Dreams bundle in 2015, and available through the BUQO app has since been revised and expanded as a stand alone story.


He is currently at work on the next two stories in his Dark District series and on his first Y/A series, that will also be set locally and within the Dark District universe.